Dossier: Michael and Laura Clarage

Michael Clarage

Michael Clarage

Michael Shepherd Clarage grew up in Lockport, Illinois and graduated from Carleton College in 1986. He completed his Ph.D. in Medical Physics in 1992 at Brandeis University. He is currently the Director of Development & Deployment at Concentrica, where he specializes in Systems Integration and Business Analytics. Michael, a student of martial arts and oriental medicine, teaches Tai Chi to the other students in “school”. He is a “junior teacher” and carries a lot of the responsibility for the recruiting of new students. He lives in Lowell, MA with his wife, Laura Antonio, and their son. Laura, who is also a member of the “school”, graduated from Yale University with a BA in Mathematics in 1985. She is currently a Client Support Specialist at Harvard University.

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One thought on “Dossier: Michael and Laura Clarage

  1. Michael always struck me as a “Dr. Know-It-All”. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really know a whole lot about anything especially Tai Chi. Lousy Tai Chi teacher, I must say. He might be a decent scientist (although I heard it took him YEARS to get his PhD. finished) but he also pretends to be an expert in every other academic discipline there is and he doesn’t know what he is talking about most of the time. And poor Laura was totally clueless, She was a sweet girl but had no idea what the forces were (Sharon) that influenced her husband. I felt so sorry for her. When she wanted to have another child, Robert told her that she couldn’t. They told her she was depressed and should be on medication. Robert is not a doctor and should not be giving out advice like that! They really battered her around a lot. It was sad really…