Dossier: Jeannine Sapere

Jeannine Sapere grew up in Corapolis, PA and now lives in Watertown, MA. She is currently a Research Administrator at Harvard Medical School and formerly worked for Gamewright. Jeannine joined “school” in San Francisco in the 1970’s. She married Robert Klein in California and moved to Boston with him when the group left San Francisco after allegations of child abuse were published in a local newspaper. The marriage lasted 5 years. She raised Robert’s son from a previous marriage and had two other children with him. She has been a “senior teacher” in the Boston branch of Sharon Gans’ school for many years.

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Dossier: Paul Nickelsberg

Paul Nickelsberg is approximately 52 years old. He grew up in Westport, CT, attended Staples High School also in Westport and graduated from Union College of Schnectady, NY in 1982. He met the Gans cult in approximately 1985 when he rode in on a motorcycle.


Paul has been a “leader” in the Boston branch of the Gans cult since at least 1996, usually in the capacity of a “junior teacher.” Among the Boston “teachers,” he is the most involved in the “Country Retreat” “line of work.” Paul owns three adjacent residential properties in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, which are used for Country Retreat: 71 Old Country Road purchased in 1997 for $143,500, 63 Old Country Road purchased in 1998 for $94,000 and 2.1 acres of undeveloped land  adjacent to the other properties purchased in 2001
for $37,533. As is consistent with the Gans cult financial model for such properties, in which student labor and financial contributions are used to improve the property and defray tax and maintenance expenses. “Private property” status effectively screens against outside scrutiny of cult activities which take place there.


Paul was married for many years to a woman who was not in school and still lives nearby Paul and his present wife in Concord, Mass. He has one son by the first marriage, A, who graduated from Concord-Carlisle High School in 2011 and now attends Bates College. Paul is currently in an arranged marriage to Karen Levitt another “student” in the Boston group. Karen is a featured singer who performs frequently in the Boston metropolitan area. In 2007, she performed at Weill Concert Hall at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Terry “Montgomery” Christgau, another member of the cult.


Paul is an electrical engineer by training and employment. He is currently the Owner, President and Chief Technology Officer of Orchid Technologies, which designs and builds electrical products. Orchid Technologies is based in Maynard, Mass. He is also Chairman of the Board of Overseers for the Boston Baroque Orchestra; his wife Karyn is also a board member.

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