Dossier: Paul Nickelsberg

Paul Nickelsberg is approximately 52 years old. He grew up in Westport, CT, attended Staples High School also in Westport and graduated from Union College of Schnectady, NY in 1982. He met the Gans cult in approximately 1985 when he rode in on a motorcycle.


Paul has been a “leader” in the Boston branch of the Gans cult since at least 1996, usually in the capacity of a “junior teacher.” Among the Boston “teachers,” he is the most involved in the “Country Retreat” “line of work.” Paul owns three adjacent residential properties in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, which are used for Country Retreat: 71 Old Country Road purchased in 1997 for $143,500, 63 Old Country Road purchased in 1998 for $94,000 and 2.1 acres of undeveloped land  adjacent to the other properties purchased in 2001
for $37,533. As is consistent with the Gans cult financial model for such properties, in which student labor and financial contributions are used to improve the property and defray tax and maintenance expenses. “Private property” status effectively screens against outside scrutiny of cult activities which take place there.


Paul was married for many years to a woman who was not in school and still lives nearby Paul and his present wife in Concord, Mass. He has one son by the first marriage, A, who graduated from Concord-Carlisle High School in 2011 and now attends Bates College. Paul is currently in an arranged marriage to Karen Levitt another “student” in the Boston group. Karen is a featured singer who performs frequently in the Boston metropolitan area. In 2007, she performed at Weill Concert Hall at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Terry “Montgomery” Christgau, another member of the cult.


Paul is an electrical engineer by training and employment. He is currently the Owner, President and Chief Technology Officer of Orchid Technologies, which designs and builds electrical products. Orchid Technologies is based in Maynard, Mass. He is also Chairman of the Board of Overseers for the Boston Baroque Orchestra; his wife Karyn is also a board member.

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5 thoughts on “Dossier: Paul Nickelsberg

  1. Hello Sleepwalker –

    Thank you for creating this wonderful blog! It is laid out in such a beautiful way – very user friendly! I will continue to visit and comment as you add content and republish the dossiers.

    As for Paul, I have to say I really liked him and it was such a disappointment to realize that this “evolved teacher” had been lying to us plebs. Does anyone know how much access “Junior Teachers” have to the truth about “school’s” lineage. Do they know about Alex Horn and the craziness in CA?

    Thanks, again?

  2. Some of the people who have been around a long time are very well aware of what happened in California. There are people who are currently in school who came with the group from California to organize the groups in New York and Boston. As you know, everything is on a need to know basis (How will knowing the answer to that question help your evolution?) and the “junior teachers” are no exception.

    As for Paul, like many others in school, he is tired and jaded but is in no position to move on with his life as it is so closely tied into school. Because he has money, they keep him around and as you may or may not have noticed, he really doesn’t do a whole lot except sit in for Robert every little once in awhile. He has also profited handsomely from school with his properties in New Hampshire which are kept in tip top shape by slave labor and he gets all his taxes paid with everyone’s CR contributions.

    There is a tremendous amount of apathy in “school” right now and it is far less intense than when Alex was in command. Boston is also far less intense and demanding than New York where Sharon’s whims and fantasies keep everyone hopping and jumping around to do her bidding.

    Paul is no more evolved than anyone else. As a matter of fact, no one in the “inner circle” is any more evolved than anyone in school or out of school. It is what keeps everyone in line – the people in the “inner circle” get to be smug and self satisfied with themselves while everyone else would stab their essence friends in the back to get into the “inner circle” and they do. It is the way a “cult” operates.

  3. Bravo, Sleepwalker.
    I know that ultimately these websites and blogs are so helpful to former and present students of Gans and Klein Cult. Keep Posting!!
    You are very courageous in reposting these Dossiers!

  4. Hello, thank you for a great site. I’ve been out of the NYC branch of the cult for 3 1/2 years now. Just wondering if anyone has any recent news of the cults operations…I used to check out the esotericfreedom blog until it was unfortunately removed. Best to all…