Additional URLs to access Clever Sincerity

It has come to my attention that Daniel Szalkiewicz, the legal counsel for Ms. Minerva Taylor, has been attempting to seize the domain names associated with this website. Ms. Taylor is a notable member of the New York School organization and the subject of a contested dossier.

In the event that they are successful with the current domain (, I have a few backup names ready to go:

The email address sleepwalker@cleversincerity.X should continue to work for any of the non-Tor domains that are still operational.

Joseph Stilwell undergoing SEC investigation

Joseph Stilwell, activist investor

Joseph Stilwell, activist investor

For those who have not yet seen the announcement, Joseph Stilwell, a prominent member of the New York “School” organization, and the subject of a contested dossier on (now offline), is currently undergoing an SEC investigation relating to fraudulent loans amongst his investment funds. You can read more about it at Reuters:

and straight from the SEC: