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Learning the truth about “school” can be hard.  Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Where does all the money go?

Where does all the money go?  Approximately $400 a month multiplied by dozens of students is a significant income stream.

Two words: Sharon Gans.

Sharon Gans has a real estate empire largely funded by the cash contributions of “School” members.  Most pay in cash, some write out checks to OSG, for “Odyssey Study Group”.  No other members or teachers appear to directly receive tuition payments, not even Robert Klein in Boston. However, students are often encouraged to do business with other more senior members in order to benefit their pocket books.

See Rick Ross for further corroboration:

Are you dependent on your sustainer and teachers for making decisions in your life?

Do you feel you must consult your sustainer and/or teachers for all life decisions? Job offers, relationships, having kids? Has school made you stronger and more independent, or do you find you need approval from school before making any decisions?

The “sustainer” concept is central to School’s ability to maintain a hold on recruits. Over time, the sustainer becomes more and more involved in the life and decision making of each student. Eventually, the member involves them in all major decision making, further increasing their dependence on school and their unwillingness to leave.

See Gentle Souls’ Revolution for a more detailed view into the role of sustainers.

Does school provide secret knowledge? Can I buy a book that discusses the Food Diagram, the Octave, Hydrogens, Accumulators, and more?

The ideas taught in school are not secret. In fact you can you go to the library and check out books on the topic for free! For example, “In search of the Miraculous” by P.D. Ouspensky is a great reference for studying the 4th way.

The ideas from school are largely based on those of George Gurdjieff, a Russian spiritual teacher in the early 20th century and his pupil, Ouspensky. In fact, at one point Ouspenky’s books were distributed as study material. In later years, photocopies were distributed with identifying remarks redacted (the “black book”), and in most recent times no written materials were distributed at all.

What is the aim of school?  Are there amazing third line of work projects will we collaborate on when we join the older class?

None.  There is no higher aim of school. Advancement in school means more opportunities for:

  • Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting.
  • Working on fantastic Christmas parties designed to separate us from our families and create stress around the holidays.
  • Construction and labor projects for the cult leaders’ estates.

Is your sustainer married to an older student or teacher?

Many students in the older group no longer need to struggle with lying to their spouses because they are married to other students or teachers. In fact a typical progression is for school to drive wedges between you and your non-school friends and family, eventally resulting in divorce followed by a school arranged marriage. All of which serves to make students more and more dependent on school.

Why does school forbid the use of the internet?  Why claim the ideas are secret if they are not?

Deliberate hiding of information is a “clever insincerity” to protect school from students learning the truth.  The fourth way ideas are not secret, but they are easily manipulated and provide the foundation for many cults.  If you looked online or talked with other people studying these ideas, you would be able to find all the lies that school is based on.

A long list of other fourth way cults was posted at:

How do teachers know so much about me?  Is my communication with my sustainer confidential?

Teachers in “School” do not have access to a higher plane of esoteric knowledge.  They receive regular reports that sustainers are required to give up the chain, information which is used to make them appear more advanced.  While students are told that all communication with their sustainer will be held in confidence, in fact this is just a “clever insincerity” use to keep students discussing subjects which can be used to make the teachers seem smarter and emotionally blackmail them.

Can I study these ideas in public?

Yes, there exist legitimate Gurdjieff societies in both Boston and New York. These groups openly study the 4th way ideas and trace their lineage back to Gurdjieff.

How is this school connected to ancient schools?

There exists no known connection to ancient oral teachings. You have been lead to believe that “school” is connected to the transendentalists, Shakespeare, the builders of cathedrals and pyramids and more. In fact, school is not even a legitimate fourth way group, with no ties back to Gurdjieff. There is no connection to any great works in history or any school of any kind.  This may be shocking considering the extent to which an “oral” teaching is played up.

For a history of the group see here: